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it all starts in the soil

Soil is extremely important for growing gardens; it’s the starting point and the base for plant growth. Good soil is alive and contains earthworms, insects, bacteria, fungi, and nutrients. I learn more about this all the time. Here’s what I know now:

WV eastern panhandle local food list

Eating locally grown food is one of the joys of summer for me. Local food is fresh and ripe. It's not trucked far distances so less fossil fuel and less preservatives are used. It's less processed. Local food usually uses less chemicals. No growth hormones, no antibiotics and wide open pastures are the norm for local meat. Local food supports our local economy. All these things make local food fresher, healthier, tastier, and more sustainable. Local food just makes sense. 


Listed below are some of the places to find food locally to Shepherdstown and the Eastern panhandle of WV. Thank you Farmers!

recycle and reuse

There is barely any reason to throw away any plastic anymore. Reducing plastic by not buying it at all is the best way to phase out plastic, but the next best thing is recycling and reusing it. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all plastic from our lives. But luckily, almost all plastic can be recycled, reused, or repurposed.