When I take walks alone, it gives me time to reflect on all kinds of things. Lots of times, my thoughts are about the connectedness of everything. There are definitely times when I’m not thinking of anything more than my love of the smell of the air or the beauty of the surroundings. Some of my thoughts are about the concept of thread in the web; we are all a part of this great big web. This is one of the thoughts that stuck with me:

On a walk a couple of years ago in the fall, the colors of the sunset were a lot like the colors of the foliage. The air was cool but not cold. And even though it was literally dusk, I felt the connection of fall and dusk as a parallel section of time. I felt ready to be done with my work. Dusk, or the end of my day, is when I wrap up business and look forward to rest. Fall is about final harvest in the garden and putting it to bed for the winter, collecting firewood, winding down.

So if fall is dusk, winter is night. It’s a dreamy, cold and slow moving time of year. It’s the time of year people dream and make resolutions, goals, and plans for the coming year. It’s a time for reflection and meditation. My winter-time walks are some of my favorites because of the stillness. Some of the only sounds are creaking trees and howling wind and the crunch of frozen ground under my feet. It’s a very dreamlike time of year.

 Everything starts to wake up in the spring. The early rising crocuses start to bud and greet the day. Color replaces the brown and white of winter and the birds sing us awake. The spring peepers say GOOD MORNING!!

 Summer is when everything is growing, working, and awake. It’s the most active time. It’s daytime and there’s much to do, both work and play.

Depending on where we live geographically, we ride different wavelengths of seasons and days. I imagine these wavelengths and the perpetual motion of time as music. The song has many more layers,...

winter moon