I walk on the same path along the river every day. But when the whole family takes a walk, here are a few places close by that we like best

Antietam. There are so many paths to explore in Antietam. We like them all. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are old farms and buildings, statues and monuments, a lookout tower and a lot of history. It’s strange to think of the fighting 150 years ago, it’s so serene now. 

antietam creek

burnside bridge

christmas sunset 2014






Antietam Creek, Burnside bridge, and sunset on Christmas day 2014.


The Appalachian Trail. Some of our favorite destinations close by are:

Weverton Cliffs. A short hike (about a mile) up to a beautiful view. 

Gathland Park. The former estate of a journalist named “Gath” during the Civil War. There are old buildings, ruins, and interesting history on this edge of the AT. Nice ridgeline walks and big rocks on the trail are just beyond the park.

Washington Monument. Easy hike up to the first monument built for George Washington from the parking lot of the park. On the hike up to the monument, there are interesting facts about Washington's life. The monument was used as a signal station by the Union Army. Nice wide reaching overlook.

Annapolis Rocks. This is a longer hike (3-4 mile) at a slight incline much of the way there, great views and a spring to get a fresh drink.

weverton cliffs


These are listed South to North. We’ve talked about doing this stretch for a weekend hiking/camping trip but haven’t done it yet.



annapolis rocks

washington monument 





C&O canal. Though we usually bike on this path, we have 2 favorite places to walk:

About a mile upriver from Dam 4, there is a concrete boardwalk path along big slackwater. 

The PawPaw Tunnel. Located just outside of PawPaw WV, It’s a little over a half mile long tunnel, and pitch black so flashlights are important. The walk is also nice after the tunnel along the huge rock faces.

big slackwater

 paw paw tunnel