seasons in time

winter moon

When I take walks alone, it gives me time to reflect on all kinds of things. Lots of times, my thoughts are about the connectedness of everything. There are definitely times when I’m not thinking of anything more than my love of the smell of the air or the beauty of the surroundings. Some of my thoughts are about the concept of thread in the web; we are all a part of this great big web. This is one of the thoughts that stuck with me:

the biophilia hypothesis

The biophilia hypothesis states that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. It’s a gift to go outside, get fresh air year round and connect with the natural world every day. It sharpens the mind and the senses.


firewood pile

I love heating with wood. Let me count the whys:

Even though we have electric central heating,  we heat our house with wood. We set our thermostat to 60 degrees and hope it never goes off (but it does go off sometimes, especially in the mornings).

This is our wood pile from early fall. We were pretty happy with our good start.

hot water

Another large energy sucker is the hot water heater. It can be up to 30% of the energy used each month.



Turning out the lights seems pretty easy to me but maybe it's because my parents constantly told me to do it when I was young. I know I feel like I tell my kids A LOT. I’ve found it does become a habit if done over and over enough times. It's also a quickly forgotten habit- thus the nagging of the children. But it does save energy so it's worth the nagging in my opinion. I’ve read that lighting can count for anywhere between 20-50% of home and/or office energy consumption. I think this number might be a little off with more energy effiecient options available nowadays.