recycle and reuse

candy wrapper bowl

There is barely any reason to throw away any plastic anymore. Reducing plastic by not buying it at all is the best way to phase out plastic, but the next best thing is recycling and reusing it. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all plastic from our lives. But luckily, almost all plastic can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. 




The first step in reducing plastic is taking notice of the types of plastic in the trash and recycling. The next step is figuring ways to replace or reuse it. I also keep in mind whether or not the plastic can/will be recycled. I don’t like the idea of any plastic going to the landfill. If it can’t/won’t be recycled (it's an understandably picky process, see the upcoming recycling and reusing blog for more info), then it becomes a priority for me to find an alternative. I’m still working on this. Here are some things decreased or gone from my house over the years:

the facts

plastic ocean

first the bad news:

Plastic is made with petroleum. The manufacturing of plastic produces toxic chemicals. Plastic contains 5 of the 6 chemicals that produce the most hazardous waste. These chemicals are inhaled and ingested by people and have possible health effects including cancer, body system problems, and developmental problems. 8 out of 10 babies and nearly all adults have plastic bi-products in their bodies.